Real WROKS is an employment platform by Falmouth University, where students can find resources and opportunities to help their job search journey upon graduation. 

I didn’t have the time I needed to complete the Art of the Approach curriculum yet. I was a bit tied up with additional assignments before the holidays began. However, as I worked on a few tasks there, I started to think about my current professional presence.

This week’s topic seemed to be geared more toward younger professionals. However, after taking the assessment on the platform, I quickly realized that I wasn’t as confident as I thought I was in terms of personal branding. 

I have been with my current employer,, for over six years. That may make me feel too comfortable at work as a Senior Designer. 

Indeed is a great company to work in. That doesn’t mean the thought of trying something new had never occurred to me. I started to think about what my career path could be, what I wanted to archive professionally, and how I got there.

After taking the assessment, I looked at my LinkedIn profile and resume, which I wrote six years ago. I realized that the content might not be relevant or clearly express my achievements as transferable knowledge or skills for future opportunities internally or externally. I also haven’t utilized social media networks professionally as well. This week’s topic gave me some aspiration to find opportunities to improve my “personal branding” in the months to come.