Happy New Year!

I finally made it to the last week’s topic of the Development Practice module. It was a great twelve weeks. Before this module, I didn’t expect to reflect on myself so much. As the last episode of this module, I would like to reflect on my progress and plan to improve in the next module.

What did you do well?

Since I got an offer for a place to this Master’s level study, I was excited and at the same time nervous about how I would handle a full-time job, a part-time startup project, studies, and other activities with my friends and family. I couldn’t say I do well in time management, but I started to build up some rhythm to the course over the past twelve weeks. Although I couldn’t follow the set schedule initially, I managed to catch up on the curriculum and topics. This module has warmed me up to get back to study and made me realize how to do better in the next module.

What did you learn?

By the module’s name, I didn’t think writing would become a big part of it. I have learned a long list of things from these past twelve weeks, but proper time management was on the top of the list. I learned how to reflect and write consistently and set realistic and actionable goals to achieve better outcomes. By no means I had perfected everything; there are still steps I need to do to let me get the most out of my study.

What should you do differently in the next module?

The biggest mistake was not able to follow the rhythm with other students. Having behind schedule for a few weeks made me feel disconnected from other peers through weekly discussions. I hope to communicate with others to share and get feedback promptly. To do that, I need to work on my time management, set up a proper schedule devoted to the module, and keep track of my progress.

What still puzzles you?

The progress of this module – Am I getting the journal’s content right? I am uncertain about the quality of my assignment and what I should do to improve in the future. Have I gained the most out of this module?

I most look forward to the upcoming modules and hope to do the best out of them. Nonetheless, the past months have inspired me with new ideas for my future after two-decade in my design journey. I reconstruct the knowledge I have learned over the past years and spark new insights into self-reflection and improvement. It was exactly the inspiration I had been looking for to spice up my mind.